4. Cozumel Carnival March 8th,2011

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Status: Open for Guests
Website: Cozumel Carnival March 8th,2011

Short_Desc: Cozumel Carnival March 8th,2011
Full Description: Ok, the party never seems to stop in Carnival. This is the 4th day although the parade was rained out last night. The parade just seems to get better and better. We sat outside Rock and Java on the main street from 6:30pm to almost 9:30pm, when the paride went by on the other side of the street and then came back. I think they went about 5 kms and they danced all the way. At the end of the parade there was still big smiles. What a night for Carnival. Mostly the Cozumel people are reserved and dress descretely until Carnival, where everyone gets out and shakes their bootie. Bright coloured floats, costumes and jiggles and wiggles that you wonder how anyone can have that much energy. I think there is 2 or 3 more nights of Carnival. Enjoy!

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